12 Must-Try Restaurants In Salem

Fuel up and hit the road (or just hop on the commuter rail), because the North Shore has a lot to offer food lovers. Salem in particular offers some tantalizing treats, and with its annual October tourism boom upon us, there's no better time to discover some spellbinding restaurants in Witch City.

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A Guide to Dining and Drinking in Salem, Massachusetts

Salem residents and visitors alike also rave about Flying Saucer Pizza Company... a funky restaurant with a "space pug" named Charlie for a mascot.

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How Pokémon Go Is Helping This Pizza Joint

"We’re very, very fortunate. We love the Pokémon Go players and they love us. We embrace nerd culture and all-around weirdness, in every aspect of life."

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Have Your Pizza with the Borg

“It’s not every day that you get to have pizza under the watchful eye of Locutus of Borg, but that’s exactly what I got to do this weekend…”

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NESN’s Wicked Bites Drops By

Mike's found one of the coolest places to grab a slice of pizza! If you're into Star Trek, Star Wars, any and all things SciFi, AND DELICIOUS PIZZA! Flying Saucer Pizza Company in Salem, MA is the spot for you!

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Salem Chef Takes Second Place in International Pizza Competition

“Flying all the way across the country, two chefs from Salem MA took Vegas by storm in hopes of winning fame and pizza glory.”

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Gluten-Free Pizza That’s Out of This World

“Flying Saucer Pizza Company is serving up surprisingly tasty gluten-free pizza in the heart of downtown Salem, Mass…”

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Sci­Fi themed pizza spot in Salem

Flying Saucer Pizza Co. in Salem takes its theme into orbit. It is funky hipster chic by way of the USS Enterprise. 

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Salem’s Newest Pizza Venture Flies High

“Okay, here’s the thing. We’re going to tell you about a wonderful pizza place, but… ”

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Phantom Gourmet – Flying Saucer Pizza Co.

“Far from an ordinary pizza place, the Flying Saucer Pizza Company is what happens when Live Long and Prosper and meets dough, sauce, and cheese.”

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